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Our Therapy Dogs

Trevor_Website Photo 25Nov20_edited.jpg
Barry_Website Photo 20Nov20_edited.jpg

At our clinic, we have a team of therapy dogs who work on a rotating roster.  They often greet clients at the door and sit with them in the waiting room while they wait for appointments.  


Dolores_Website Photo 20Nov20_edited.jpg

They also provide comfort to clients in sessions whilst discussing deeply emotional topics with their clinician.  Their presence is always calm and relaxed and the majority of our clients find their energy in these moments to be soothing and provide incredible relief.

Our dogs are very empathic and can identify when a person is feeling unsettled.  You will often see them enthusiastically approach one person in a crowded waiting room, and that person often turns out to be the most in need for comfort.

Our dogs also work hard to put our youngest clients at ease in what is sometimes perceived to be a confusing and intimidating new environment.  Children sometimes struggle to engage effectively with psychotherapy, given the inferiority they can experience with an adult therapist.  They generally don't choose to enter therapy and struggle to understand the need to attend their appointments.  Having our dogs present in the clinic creates positive emotions in children which not only creates motivation to attend but also makes them feel more relaxed and open to sharing and participating. 

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