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Autism and ADHD

Too often, Neurodiversity is seen in society as a deficit that needs to be fixed and that psychotherapy for individuals with a diagnosis is aimed at teaching Neurodiverse (ND) individuals to behave and function more like the Neurotypical (NT).  

It is common for a ND person to be perceived as having something "wrong" with them, rather than simply being "different".  and in a society where differences are not always appreciated, it can be hard to accept that being Neurodiverse is not a "bad" thing. 

Here at Psi Balance, we are a neurodiversity affirming practice, meaning we take the time and effort to understand the person behind the label, and learn more about what "functioning" means to them.  We encourage the exploration of individual's strengths, capabilities and interests in order to build skills, resilience and mental wellbeing. 

Our clinicians have experience providing ongoing psychological therapy in both child and adult presentations of Autism and ADHD.  Some of our clinicians have a special interest in Neurodiversity and, as such, have completed additional specialty training.  If you suspect you or your child might be neurodiverse, our clinicians can also assist with initial screening and discussion to help you to decide if a formal assessment may be warranted. 

**NOTE** We provide gap-free services to individuals with NDIS funding for psychological support.  

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