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Jo Brophy

Practice Manager

Jo originally hails from New Zealand but has been calling the East Coast of Australia her home for the majority of her life. After spending her formative years and completing her education in Port Macquarie, located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, she made the move to Scarborough in 2004 to raise her family. From the moment she arrived, she was drawn to the welcoming community and stunning natural surroundings.

Since she was young, Jo has harboured a strong passion for traveling and has been fortunate enough to accumulate a wealth of experiences from living and travelling abroad. Alongside her wanderlust, Jo also finds joy in renovating and interior design. For her, an ideal weekend entails a stroll on the beach with her partner and puppy, getting stuck into a home improvement project and catching up with friends and family for a meal or coffee. Besides that, Jo is an avid game enthusiast and loves a good game of table tennis. Should you wish to contact Jo, you can do so by sending an email to

Psi Balance Psychology has welcomed Jo Brophy as their new Practice Manager. With her extensive experience in the allied health industry, particularly in psychology, Jo is a great addition to the team. Her years of knowledge and
expertise will be invaluable in ensuring that the practice runs smoothly and effectively.

Throughout her professional journey, Jo has consistently been drawn towards occupations that revolve around people. Her experience spans across public media, account management, human resources, and more than a decade of managing psychology practices. Her passion for taking care of people has been the driving force behind each of her previous roles, and it fuels her desire to make a positive impact on people's lives in the future.

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