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Depression, Grief and Loss

Depression is one of the most common mental health complaints of both adolescents and adults.  Most people will experience sadness, low mood or lack of energy at some time, however those with depression will feel these things more intensely and for a longer period of time.  Depressed mood can be caused by a significant loss (job, relationship) or prolonged grief after the death of a significant person in their life.  Well-meaning family and friends may tell you to “cheer up”, or “do something pleasurable”, but this advice can often leave a depressed person feeling inadequate and their difficulties invalidated.  Depression is a complex condition that can become a self-perpetuating cycle and, therefore often requires professional intervention from trained clinicians to create effective and sustained improvement.  Our clinicians use a mixture of empirically based intervention techniques including behavioural strategies, mindfulness-based cognitive-behaviour therapy, schema therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy and brief interpersonal therapy.  

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