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About Us

Here at Psi Balance Psychology, we understand the importance of balance in the maintenance of psychological wellbeing.

Meditating in Nature

"Balance is not something you FIND, It's something you CREATE     ~Jana Kingsford

Here at Psi Balance, we want to help you get some balance back in your life.  Our experienced clinicians are passionate about helping their clients make positive changes in their lives.  We take a strengths-based approach to working with our clients, focusing on capacities, building resourcefulness and resilience and tapping a person’s inherent self-determination and ability to affect change in themselves.  

The Importance of Psychological Balance

The concept of psychological balance has been a key consideration in psychological intervention for thousands of years. Psychological symptoms can result from lifestyle or socio-cultural imbalances.  Aristotle spoke about the “golden mean between excess and deficiency” and this applies to almost every part of our lives.  Our wellbeing can be impacted by excessive eating and drinking, spending or working, as well as deficiencies in finances, social support, community connection, rest and relaxation.  Distress can also result from inequalities in household or family labour and responsibilities, resulting in resentment and discontent.  The effects of imbalance in a person's life is generally subtle and often goes unnoticed until it is affecting the balance of the psyche, and a person begins to experience excessive negative views of themselves and their lives.  Excessive negative emotions and behaviours result, which can be difficult to cope with alone.  

Get in touch to see how we can help you live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.   

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