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Our Story

Psi Balance is a group of psychologists who believe that balancing our lives is important for a person’s wellbeing.


Psi (or Ψ) is the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet. The are many explanations as to why the letter Psi is taken to be the symbol representing psychology. However, the etymology that we prefer is the symbol Ψ which represents the word Psyche, meaning “soul” or “spirit” in Greek. This Greek word came to represent the term “the science of the soul” and eventual to its current meaning, “the science of the mind”.  It is the science of the mind that is depicted in our logo, and, as our name suggests, we are dedicated to assisting you in reaching and maintaining your desired balance.


We have grown from a sole practitioner, to a team of six clinicians from different sub-disciplines of psychology: clinical, health and counselling psychology, with an administration team that have a special interest in working in the mental health industry. Our clinicians are trained in empirically supported therapies, with a client-centred approach and unconditional regard for every individual. Each psychologist aims to work collaboratively with clients to develop their treatment plans; supporting their journey to a more harmonious and rewarding lifestyle. Our practitioners are encouraged to pursue their own special interests whilst maintaining a level of skills in therapies such as CBT, ACT, DBT and EMDR. 


Here at our Practice, we believe it is your right to live a joyful and meaningful life. Let us help you get your life back in balance.